energy and resource efficient construction at a price the planet can afford

energy and resource efficient construction at a price the planet can afford

"No discussion of green building in western Montana would be complete without a glimpse at Steve Loken.  Since the 1980s, he has been employing revolutionary methods of building that have finally begun to take shape in what is now a bona fide green movement here in western Montana."

-Lori Grannis, In Business Monthly, June 2007

"I’ve always thought that building “green” means it is really expensive.  But Loken Builders’ remodeling bids were among the lowest that came in.  I’m finding out that green is actually less expensive and the smarter thing to do when it comes to remodeling."

-Sara Caldwell, first-time homebuyer, Missoula Montana




Loken Builders finds creative solutions for building and remodeling practical and sustainable homes in Western Montana that nurture the human spirit while being sensitive to the Earth’s natural resources.  

We specialize in “regenerative construction,” which provides building solutions that enhance the unique character of the building, land, and community, while minimizing ecological impact.  From the smallest interior remodeling project to new construction or historic renovation, Loken Builders incorporates sustainable building principles.   

Steve Loken of Loken Builders

Loken Builders takes pride in establishing a close working relationship with our clients.  We are committed to providing our clients with quality craftsmanship, and environmentally responsible workmanship.  Loken Builders has designed and built hundreds of new and remodeled homes in Missoula and Western Montana, as well as historic building renovations.   Please explore our website for examples of our award-winning projects.

We will work closely with you during the project design phase, develop all required drawings, apply for permits, arrange for any sub-contractors, and oversee all aspects of construction.  Our quotations are easy to understand, and include all requested contract services & materials.

Please contact us to discuss your next building project.  Every project we work on is “custom construction”; all of our work is adapted to your property and building.  We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your  building or remodeling project—please give us a call or email us for an hour of free consultation.

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